Name: Veggie One
Location: Tower 535 Causeway Bay
Size: 300 m²
“One”usually means the first nowadays in this metropolitan city as we all strive for the best and aim for “one of a kind”.
“One”is not singular but diversity that is “united as one”.
Here the “one” is meant starting, a starting of lifestyle, a new lifestyle that not merely a spiritual sublime.
“One” is also meaning “ to return to”simple, yet substantial beginnings.
“VeggieOne” brings you to a new journey of lifestyle with healthy, sensational food and beverages. It means more than monotonous and bored traditional vegetarian cuisine.
“Paradise “ is the design concept to echo the above principles.
“Paradise “ is understood the beginning and may also known as the ultimate home of lifestyle where we all are “VeggieOne “ where we enjoy vegetarians cuisine more than just fruits and vegetables.
The key icon of “Paradise “ is reflected by wall murals starting at the shopfront and carry on into the dominant walls of the restaurant.
All wall murals are painted on wall by artists. Abstract and simplicity patterns are employing to interpret the nature tranquility. They all echo and reflect the design theme. People could enjoy delicious food in such a peaceful place.
In contrast to the greenery theme walls of “paradise”, the entrance is built a bold copper portal tunnel which provides people a transitional experience towards “ Paradise”